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Architects and developers can quickly incorporate many of the proven practices and patterns of building composite smart client applications. These practices and patterns have been identified during the development of many smart client applications and their components.

By using the software factory, architects and developers can focus their efforts on business opportunities and create smart client applications that effectively address the needs of their organizations.

The Smart Client Software Factory provides an integrated set of guidance that assists architects and developers create composite smart client applications. These applications have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • They have a rich user interface that takes advantage of the power of the Microsoft Windows desktop.
  • They connect to multiple back-end systems to exchange data with them.
  • They present information coming from multiple and diverse sources through an integrated user interface, so the data looks like it came from one back-end system.
  • They take advantage of local storage and processing resources to enable operation during periods of no network connectivity or intermittent network connectivity.
  • They are easily deployed and configured.

in other word The Smart Client Software Factory is a guidance offering that provides comprehensive architecture guidance to help customers build Composite Smart Clients using the Microsoft platform (Win Forms, WPF, etc). An SCSF solution is composed of a number of discrete, independent, yet functional assemblies and components. These pieces are dynamically loaded and integrated together at runtime within a shell to form a fully coherent application.

SCSF Architecture.png


Although we all pretty much suspected it, Glenn Block validates our thinking by putting together a nice post, called Acropolis, the future of Smart Client, that positions the Smart Client Software Factory and Composition Application Block with respect to Acropolis. His statement:

"With the announcement of Acropolis, we currently have no further plans for SCSF releases."

pretty much says it all. The Smart Client Software Factory will still be supported, but the current version is expected to be the last version.

Glenn does a great job of answering common questions, so I recommend reading his post.

Note that the Web Client Software Factory ( WCSF ) project is not effected by Acropolis.


 Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) is a Guidance Package driven CAB solution. It's architecture extends the CAB architecture. The SCSF experience involves the Guidance Automation Toolkit. A solution is generated for you when creating a new one within Visual Studio 2005, but the code generation doesn't stop for a SCSF solution until all the requisite parts are constructed. Afterwards, developers run "Recipies" to generate code in large and small chunks. This Guidance is extensible and it is an add-on to the IDE. Back to the SCSF CAB generated solution, SCSF enhances the stock CAB in the area of deployment as well as the process of loading modules.

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